Why Alkaline Water is Better than Tap Water


Some restaurants or water services nowadays provide alkaline, sometimes also called as alkaline pi water. You are probably wondering what makes alkaline water and tap water different. Why alkaline water is more emphasized? What makes alkaline water far better than tap water? These are questions that we will answer through the information below.

Alkaline Water Contains Health Benefits

Drinking alkaline water has several benefits in your body. This kind of water contains substances that are good for the health from the internal body parts to the skin. First, some properties of the water can help prevent you from aging. You will get younger, glowing and vibrant skin. Your skin will have the best glow and smoothness when you have more alkaline in your body. So, if you want to stay as young as possible you must drink alkaline water more often.

Secondly, alkaline water can remove toxins in the body system, and generally provides cleansing. When you drink alkaline water, the pH balance in your body is neutralized and restored. A balanced pH level keeps your body cells from being damaged due to its low acid contents.

The drinking alkaline water is able to reduce the acidity found in your body. Thus, the acid contents of your body are contained. This will prevent your body cells from being damaged, which eventually helps lower the risk of any infections and diseases, including cancer.

This water also helps in controlling your weight. When the acid and alkaline level in your body is controlled, this will keep your body at optimum health, without making you look fat or too slim.

The reason why alkaline water is more beneficial is because it is rich in many vitamins and minerals. Water that is distilled contains more oxygen ions and less hydrogen ions. This explains that the water is less acidic and more alkaline; hence, named as alkaline water.

Above all, it certainly improves your health condition. These are mainly the reasons why alkaline water is best recommended than the usual water you collect from the faucet.

Alkaline Water is Good for Everybody

Alkaline water is good for all ages. This means it is definitely recommended for babies, children, teens, and adults, most especially. With that said, it is best and healthy to drink by everybody. For newborn babies, it is really good to mix it with formula-based milk. This type of water will prevent your baby from getting being virus and bacteria, that may cause him or her to have stomach problems.

Tap Water is Not Pure

Tap water is much more acidic than the alkaline water. It contains viruses that may cause somebody to have discomfort and pain. These include stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation and other stomach disorders. If not purified, tap water can consist of bacteria and acid which are not good for your body. While alkaline water is free from these viruses, but has substances that are good for your body, tap water is not. That is why water with alkaline is more suggested because of the beneficial substances that will help you maintain your energy and give you optimal health.

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy and regulate good condition of the body is to drink alkaline water. You must follow the recommended instruction, and that is to drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water daily. It will surely flush toxic compounds when you urinate, giving your body free of viruses and bacteria. For that reason, it is far better and healthier to drink alkaline water than tap water.

The best that you can give to your body is to keep it healthy. That said, you must eat and drink healthily. Eating the right kinds of food and drinking alkaline water are the most basic things to do. The more you drink alkaline water, the healthier you will become. When you take in alkaline water, your body is much more hydrated than any other kind of water. You will be free from diseases; thus, making you stronger and more energized.

When you drink alkaline water daily, there is no difficulty maintaining and achieving the right pH balance in your body. Take note that having the right healthy diet and regular exercise, with alkaline water, you will keep yourself healthy all the time. As you live in this world, you must always stay healthy and be beautiful!. To read more click