5 Benefits of Garlic


From one dish to another, you’ve been using garlic for many years. The question is do you know the benefits of garlic to your health?

Scientific studies show that garlic, which belongs to the family of allium including leeks, onions and chives, is naturally essential for cooking in many ways. The aroma of this food ingredient comes from its sulphur that contains other compounds, which are health beneficial, too.

1. Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Garlic is a good source of lots of vitamins. These include vitamin B1 and B6, vitamin C, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, selenium, and tryptophan. Actually, all of these vitamins and minerals are perfect for your immune system.

2. Serves as a Natural Antibiotic

Garlic can also be a natural antibiotic medicine. However, this cannot fully fight all serious infections and diseases. It is only for certain health conditions. The fact that it can get rid of viruses and bacteria, garlic is a good treatment for minor or common health issues, such as flu and colds.

This particular food ingredient is good for alleviating candida yeast. There are also some cases in which it is used as a home remedy for toothaches, skin infections, earache, congestions, and warts.

3. Detoxifies

Due to the several vitamins and minerals, garlic is an ingredient that has antioxidant properties. It can protect your stomach, lungs and liver, as well as keep them healthier. If you need natural detox cleansing, try to add more garlic to your meals.

4. Reduces Cardiovascular Disease and Blood Pressure (Sugar) Level

Garlic is also good for the heart. It can guard and diminish blood clots by helping blood to flow much easier and better toward the blood vessels. It can also protect the walls of the blood vessels.

Some studies also show that garlic is also good treatment for lowering blood pressure and sugar levels. Furthermore, it prevents free radicals and anti-inflammatory for heart.

5. Prevents Mouth Infection and Inflammation

Garlic is also beneficial to some health conditions, most particularly inflammation and infection of the mouth. Inflammation that is connected to the any forms of arthritis can be cured or eased by cloves of garlic. Also, this is a very excellent treatment against oral infection.

Garlic is one of the ingredients for cooking a lot of dishes from local to international cuisines. Although they do not make as major ingredients, garlic has a high and important contribution to the health. As discussed above, it can be your natural antibiotic, antioxidant, detoxification, and treatment against cardiovascular disease, mouth infection and inflammation treatment.

To ensure you get the nutrients, you need to eat garlic raw and fresh. But avoid eating overdue garlic because it is not good for your stomach. If you use garlic for cooking, avoid overcooking it as well. Take note that the longer you cook garlic the less health benefits to get.

All in all, this is a good ingredient to many of your favorite dishes, whether it is sliced or powderized. The most important is that you are able to benefit the good effects of garlic for your health.

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