5 Foods for Healthy, Glowing Skin


Do you know that what you eat can affect your outward appearance? There are some foods that can help maintain your beautiful skin. Others are even better when they keep your skin healthier and more glowing. Here are five foods that can make that happen.

1. Vitamin C Fruits

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Orange, kiwi, grapefruit and other fruits rich in vitamin C are good foods to daily eat. They have properties that protect the skin from wrinkles and aging. Medically speaking, vitamin C is able to stimulate collage synthesis, which results to a healthier skin. That is why it is recommended for people to consume vitamin C from natural or organic foods like fruits from time to time. This is a good defense against early aging for both men and women.

Make sure you include vitamin C fruits always on your diet or regular meal. You may have a few oranges as your dessert during lunch, some slices of kiwis after supper, or some pomegranates as your snacks.

Aside from absorbing these fruits, you can use them as skin moisturizer that you can apply on any areas from the face to neck. They also give glowing skin by simply squeezing the juices of those fruits.

2. Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

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Sweet potatoes are not common favorites of most people. But do you know how this particular food is beneficial to your skin? Its beta-carotene is the reason why sweet potatoes must be included in your daily diet. Once the nutrient is absorbed, it converts into vitamin A, which is a known substance to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Also, it helps the skin softer and smoother to touch.

Like sweet potatoes, carrots also have beta-carotene. If you do not like sweet potatoes that much, you are still able to consider carrots, instead. Not to mention, there are many great dishes that you can make with carrots, including your favorite cupcake for dessert!

3. Nuts and Seeds

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This may be good news to some people, because I, myself, is a big fan of nuts and seeds. Whether it’s a walnut, a pistachio, sesame seed, flax seed or sunflower seed, I’d go nuts with them! Because they contain nutrients, which includes vitamin E, that enhance the immunity and inflammatory, any nuts and seeds can help the skin look and feel better.

4. Yogurt

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A cup of yogurt, also spelled yoghurt, is also a good trigger of a healthy, glowing skin. Many nutritionists and beauty experts suggest the consumption of yogurt regularly, as they provide protein, which is eventually beneficial to the skin. In addition, this is able to stimulate fat metabolism, so it’s a great diet to include for those who want to lose some pounds. Other than these, yogurt has biotin that is responsible in increasing strength of nails.

5. Dark Chocolate

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Last, but not the least, chocolate is a good cause of glowing and smoother skin. Yes, any brand of your favorite dark chocolate can help you maintain healthy skin. The reason is because a bar or a piece of dark chocolate provides cocoa flavanols, which eventually enhance the skin to be more hydrated, and softer. Just make sure you do not eat too much chocolate, or else you would have problem with your waistline and weight.

These five food items are certainly good source of nutrients that help maintain the beautiful glow and natural look of your skin. If you want to keep it healthy, smoother and softer, ensure to consume these suggested foods. In time, you will feel and look younger even if your age is increasing in number. By then, it won’t matter because you still have great, beautiful skin. To know more about healthy food please click here