Alkaline Diet and Cancer – How are They Related


It is very important to discuss alkaline diet and cancer once in a while. There is a connection between this particular diet and cancer. Some people may not know that the lack of alkaline in the body can lead to cancer. This is one of the worst ailments resulted from having more acidity than alkaline. Therefore, keep in mind just how important to absorb more alkaline over acid through the foods and beverages you are consuming.

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Let’s talk more about alkaline diet for cancer patients and even for non-cancer individuals to fully prevent from making this happen.

Alkaline Vs. Acid

The body needs both alkaline and acid but the ratio of intake must be 7:3 or 8:2. There has to be more alkaline than acid in the body in order to have a great health. If the ratio is not the same wherein the acid is more dominant than alkaline, the body tends to become weak and vulnerable to different sickness. That includes the various type of cancer. When we talk about alkaline diet and cancer, the ratio 8:2 (alkaline: acid) must be strictly followed or at least alkaline residue is more absorbed in the body than acid residue.

Definition of Cancer

Cancer is a very serious and life threatening type of sickness. No matter what kind of cancer that is can be fatal to the body. It is not easy to cure most of the cancer types like leukemia, kidney cancer, terminal cancer and even breast cancer. There are stages of cancer where you can determine if there’s still hope and a big chance of healing or not. Stage 4 is the most critical of all and sometimes the symptoms just start to appear and become obvious when it is at the later stage. That’s why the prevention of cancer is not that very successful. Cancer is definitely a silent killer as it won’t give human any clue unless it is already at the most critical stage.

By clinical definition, a cancer is “a malformed cell” and “a malignant and invasive growth or tumor”. It can reproduce and multiply causing a greater damage in the body. So, the best defense is to stop the reproduction or growth. One of the things that can help prevent that from happening is through the alkaline diet. In that sense, alkaline diet and cancer are very much connected.

Ways to Prevent Cancer through Alkaline Diet

Alkaline residues are only absorbed by the foods and beverages consumed. What the body digests can either produce alkaline or acid residues. So, the choice of food categories has to be concentrated more on the alkaline. Foods that are alkaline forming are the recommended ones to eat on a regular basis. These include most of the vegetables and fruits but not all can produce alkaline residue. In terms of alkaline diet and cancer, you have to be familiar with the right foods to eat. Here is a breakdown of what to take daily to beat cancer and get more alkaline in the body.

1. Eat Plenty of Alkaline Producing Vegetables

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Experts strongly suggest the intake of vegetables that produce more or high alkaline. These include carrots, cabbage, okra, squash, green beans, beets, lettuce, zucchini, sweet potato, potato, broccoli, spinach and asparagus. Other foods that belong to this category that have high alkaline are mushrooms, fresh corn, soybeans, celery, garlic and parsley. From those samples, you must prepare dishes day by day if you are pretty much concerned about alkaline diet and cancer.

2. Have More Alkaline Forming Fruits

It is also recommended to take fruits that are rich in alkaline residue. You must consume more oranges, bananas, cherries, pineapples, peaches, avocados, dates, figs, melons, grapes, papayas, kiwis, the various berries, apples, pears, lemons, watermelons, limes, grapefruits and mangoes. All of these are very much helpful for alkaline diet for cancer patients as well as to individuals who like to prevent any cancer from occurring.

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3. Avoid Meat Once in a While

There’s no type of meat that has high alkaline residue. However, it does not mean that you have to fully stop eating any meat. You still have 20 to 30% acid to take inside your body. Just do not regulate your intake of meat as it is suggested by experts of alkaline diet and cancer. You can mix meat with all the high alkaline fruits and vegetables. That way you can still enjoy any food that you like to eat but with the caution of staying healthy and preventing cancer as well as other forms of ailments.

4. Consume Other Alkaline Producing Foods and Beverages

On the food list for alkaline diet and cancer and prevention, there are other food categories including beverages to identify. Some nuts, seeds and legumes can be added to your daily diet. So, have chestnuts and almonds more than peanuts, cashews and walnuts. For grains and cereals, millet, wild rice, amaranth and quinoa are more suggestive ones to take. There are also dairy products with high alkaline which include soy cheese, goat cheese, soy milk, goal milk and breast milk (for babies). When you use oil and sweeteners, have canola oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, maple syrup, rice syrup and raw honey. Also included on the alkaline diet and cancer prevention food list are ginger tea, herbal tea, and lemon juice or lemon water.

5. Avoid High Acid Foods

If there is a list of foods that are high in alkaline, there is also one for acid foods. You need to avoid consuming of acid foods as much as possible in order to prevent cancer. Junk foods and processed foods are generally rich in acid more than alkaline. As a matter of fact, most of them contain 100% acidity so that’s an example of what to avoid. You can still eat some of these once in awhile but do not regulate your intake. It won’t be good for alkaline diet and cancer prevention if you are regularly eating them. Other foods to avoid eating are trans fat foods and sweet foods. They do not just help feed the cancer growth but also provide other sicknesses like diabetes.

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Remember to add all these particular samples of foods and beverages to prevent cancer. Whether you have cancer or not it is important to eat the right kinds of foods and drink alkaline produce beverages. This alkaline diet for cancer patients can be very productive. However, this diet is not only intended for people who are suffering from stage 1 to stage 4 cancer but also to cancer-free individuals. You have to stay away from other foods that are not healthy and definitely acid producing ones.

Being aware of what you are putting in your body can help a lot in making you healthy. If you like to live a healthy and happy life, consume the right kinds of foods and beverages. It won’t be a difficult thing to do if you just have to cook and serve yourself foods that are healthy and high in alkaline. Just let yourself get used to it then there’s no problem with your health. From the details about alkaline diet and cancer which you learn, today is the time to start it. Make sure to visit our website to get more tips and suggestion on alkaline diet and cancer.