Alkaline Recipes – What Should You Be Cooking


If you are trying to get alkaline recipes and additional information, this is the page you do not want to miss. It is a page that is consisted of samples of recipes with a brief explanation of how important alkaline is and difference it makes against acidity. You will spend a few minutes reading helpful and beneficial information for your own good. So, just sit comfortably and open your mind for all these alkaline food recipes and other related details.

What is Alkaline and How Does it Benefit the Health

There is only one simple explanation of how alkaline is important to absorb in the body. An alkaline is a residue that is produced from foods and beverages which contributes a lot in providing optimum health. It has the capacity to boost energy levels, neutralize acidity, fight infections and diseases, protect the immune system, and stabilize blood cells. It is generally a factor that can safeguard you against possible health conditions as well as avoid obesity. The introduction of this triggers some people in the world of business to provide alkaline recipes. There is now a demand of many cookbooks and recipe books regarding alkaline forming foods.

Having a chart of alkaline foods is not enough as more individuals like to know what dishes to make that can produce more alkaline. It can be tricky to make a meal because you have to make sure the ratio of acid and alkaline is still balanced. By the way, the percentage of alkaline has to be higher than acid. When you cook something, there will be different ingredients to use and not all food groups are alkaline producing ones. That’s why the need of alkaline recipes for dinner, lunch or breakfast is a big motivation to get started of staying on track in following the so-called alkaline diet.

What Simple Alkaline Snacks You Can Prepare

Alkaline recipes vary from appetizers to snacks, desserts to main courses and beverages. Let’s start with some snacks that you can easily prepare in a few minutes. They are great foods to serve at home for your kids, for picnics and even for a casual party.

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1. Fruits and Nuts

Many fruits are generally alkaline producing foods but blending the right ones can cause a much better and scrumptious taste. So, take a bowl and have the following fruits peeled, sliced and loaded in it: bananas, kiwis, berries which include strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, apples and watermelon. Adding a few amount of low fat cream can make it more mouth watering. Then top it with some cherries and sprinkle it with crushed almonds or chestnuts. This sample of snack is also one of the quickest alkaline breakfast recipes you can make.

2. Peach Muffins

Muffins are a favorite by most people and they are absolutely very easy to make! So, why not add this to your list of alkaline recipes for snack? It will be a great treat for you and for your family. Just get fresh peaches and blend it with the baking ingredients such as flour, baking soda, eggs and milk. To make sure there is enough alkaline, use an alkaline water and low fat milk. You can optionally add cheese and maple syrup once baked from the oven to have a more succulent bite.

3. Gluten Free Carrot Cookies

Cookies are another great snack to have at anytime of the day. To have the most alkaline you need for the body, try gluten free flour. Plus, the main flavor must be carrot and not the ordinary chocolate ones as this has more acid. But carrot is one of the vegetables that have high alkalinity level which is a fantastic food to consume as far as health is concerned. This must be also included on your new alkaline recipes.

What Easy-to-Make Alkaline Breakfast to Have

For alkaline breakfast recipes, there are also several great choices to select from. Here are two, new and very simple recipes that you can try considering.

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1. Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

Bread is an essential food and definitely one of the most common types of breakfast. On your alkaline recipes, use pumpkin as this is rich in alkaline then mix it with gluten free flour, baking powder, eggs, Italian seasonings and a small amount of alkaline water. It only takes less than 40 minutes to have pumpkin bread which makes it ideal for breakfast.

2. Banana Pancakes

One new alkaline recipes for breakfast that you can try is banana pancakes (yes banana!). Blend it with coconut flakes or flour, eggs, water, milk and cinnamon. Have it flattened to make the size and look of a pancake and dry for several minutes. Afterwards you can start frying in the pan or put in pancake mold and to the oven. Once cooked or baked, top the layers of pancake with maple or rice syrup. It will be surely one of the favorite alkaline breakfast recipes of the entire family.

What Dishes that Produce More Alkaline

Of course, there are also delicious alkaline recipes you can make for lunch and dinner. Some can be your main course, while others are good appetizers or add-ons. Let’s take a look of what other alkaline food recipes that you can prepare.

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1. Vegetable Broth

A good appetizer or an additional menu for your dish is a vegetable broth. This is not just a bowl of water loaded with diced vegetables and seasoning from the can. It is an alkaline type of soup that can give lots of nutrients. With that said, prepare carrots, beetroots, zucchini, potatoes, celery, celery stock and water. Have this mixture boiled and simmered for 30 minutes until all ingredients are soft. It is another one easy menu to make which must be added on your new list of alkaline recipes.

2. Alkaline Green Salad

Green salad can mean anything but if you are talking about more alkaline, this is a new one you would probably hear. Have the following vegetables and mix them in a bowl: cabbages, lettuces or spinaches, beetroots, tomatoes, onions, and oregano. You can have the option to add squared tofu or stripped boiled chicken breast just to add a little acidity. Instead of the common oil or commercial salad dressing, use flax seed oil, canola oil or olive oil.

3. Chickpea Curry

A chickpea curry is also a tasty meal that you can easily do within a few minutes. This should be on your alkaline recipes for lunch or dinner too. What you only need are chickpeas, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and olive oil. For the sauce, prepare eggplants, cayenne, garlic clove, cumin seeds, curry powder and salt.

These samples of foods are great alkaline recipes for dinner, for lunch, for breakfast or for lunch. You can simply make them within a quick, few minutes without feeling any pressure. What matters the most is that you are able to produce foods that can provide you enough alkaline. You need to have more of that in order to stay healthy and live free from ailments. As a matter of fact, you can have any dishes and desserts as long as the ingredients have more alkaline than acid. That can give you a reason to make your own alkaline recipes which is more fun! Many great tips and information you need about Alkaline Recipes await you here.