Alkaline Vegetables and Fruits


When was the last time you check your pH level? Are you maintaining a balanced alkaline and acid diet? If you haven’t done that for a while or even not for the first time, it is vital that you know the basics of alkaline and acidity. The foods we consume on a regular basis contain either more alkaline or more acid. The healthiest ratio should be at least 7:3 in which alkaline is dominant than acidity.

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What else can you consume that provides good nutrition than vegetables and fruits? Well, slow down for a second because not all vegetables and fruits are high or rich in alkaline. Some of them also belong to the category acid foods. That’s when you need to distinguish alkaline vegetables and fruits to acid vegetables and fruits.

The Goal

Making your pH level improved or maintained is the key goal of this kind of diet. You need lots of dedication and patience to process this. It is not attainable in a day, a week or a month. It is a long and continuous diet to ensure you have balanced pH level. You need to consider special things, healthy ones, to keep your pH level at its best.

How to Achieve the Goal

One of the practical ways to keep your body away from common diseases and ailments is that you balance your pH level. Imbalance on pH is resolved by eating more alkaline vegetables and fruits. Just a warning, if your acid level is higher and not even almost equal to your alkaline level, you are more prone to various health conditions from mild to serious ones such as headaches, flu, cold, infections diabetes, and cancer.

The actual pH level of our body ranges from 0 to 14 which all people must know. Alkaline foods will help you balance your pH level from 8 to 14, while neutral balance indicates 7 pH level. If you are thinking of diet, you need to maintain at least 70% to 80% alkaline which you can get from vegetables and fruits. That means that you must avoid having 0 to 6 pH level as that implies more acidity in the body than alkaline.

Eating healthy foods particularly fruits and vegetables, especially those are high in alkalinity, is the key secret lessen the built up of more acid in the body. The pH level of heavy alkaline in foods is 8.5 to 9.0, as the moderate alkaline is 7.5 to 8.4, and light alkaline is around 7 to 7.4.

What Alkaline Vegetables and Fruits are Good for You?

1. Fruits

There are lots of fruits that are rich in alkaline. They are the right foods to eat regularly as they help maintain the balance of your pH level. Take note that there are also different kinds of fruits that have more acidity. Furthermore, grapes, watermelon, pears, cantaloupe or melons and mangoes are some common fruits that are very rich in alkaline.

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You can also find alkaline in dried fruits such as raisins, apricots, dates, figs. However, these fruits are heavy in alkaline around 8.0 so consume them carefully. Peaches and cherries are light alkaline which you can eat three to four times a week.

2. Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, doctors and nutritionists recommend that every individual should eat two to three cups of vegetables every single day. On your daily diet, you need to consume that amount of vegetables but rich in alkaline. Alfalfa sprouts and asparagus are two of the vegetables that are high in alkaline. Turnips, corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and celery are only moderate. Artichokes, okra, onions, cucumbers, and mushrooms are considered light alkaline.

The Food Chart

To maintain your acid and alkaline intake, it is best to have a food chart. This chart consists of the food groups that are categorized as alkaline foods and acid foods. There are other foods you can take other than vegetables and fruits. That can help you more in maintaining a balanced pH level. As time flies by, you are able to be familiar with the foods that have high in alkaline and low in acid so that means you have a better chance of keeping your pH level balanced. For More Information about Acid and Alkaline Diet, Please Visit our Website.