Balance Your Alkaline and Acid Intake


Most children are more prone to fever. Teens are commonly diagnosed with flu and colds. Adults usually suffer from diabetes and later stage cancers. Sometimes illnesses are grouped according to age brackets. However, some individuals are unfortunate as younger ones can get diseases or illnesses that are mostly inherited by adults.

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Does it sometimes cross to your mind why you easily get colds and flu while others don’t? Or have you ever thought while some individuals are more prone to sickness than you? The answer is all about the pH level or intake of alkaline and acid in the body.

It is important to know some facts about alkaline and acid. You need to know what kinds of foods form acid and which ones produce alkaline. You should also know what may happen to you if you have imbalanced pH level. Are you going to become more sickly if you lack alkaline or insufficiency of acid? The best and basic thing to learn is to know the differences between acid and alkaline. This enables you to identify which of the two have to be consumed more. They cannot be taken in the body with the same amount. One should be only dominant than the other. Here are the following facts about alkaline and acid.

pH Levels

pH levels are from 0 to 14 in which the balanced level begins at number 8 to 14 and 7 is the neutral. So, the number 6 to 0 level is considered imbalanced and definitely unhealthy. Now, where do alkaline and acid stand? High in alkaline refers to pH levels 8 and above, while more acidity is to 0 to 6 pH levels. This clearly means that imbalanced pH level indicates the lack of alkalinity. Every person needs to consume more alkaline than acid, plain and simple.

Effects of Imbalanced pH Level

When you lack enough alkaline, acid level is increased which can give you more vulnerability to gain various illnesses and diseases. Health conditions tend to become more aggressive in a body that has insufficient amount of alkaline. Let’s figure out some of the effects of pH level that is imbalanced (lack of alkalinity) which are shortly discussed below.

1. Energy is easily Drained

Once you notice that you feel tired, lifeless or lazy more frequently, it could be a symptom of imbalanced pH level. This is one of the common effects of alkaline and acid imbalance. The acid level in your body could be higher than alkaline, which promotes the lack of vitamins and minerals causing tissues, muscles and bones to not function well. That’s when you generate less energy and feel a lot more drained.

2. Hunger Strikes

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Deficiency of alkaline can also cause you to feel hungrier. When you do, there is a tendency to eat more foods than the average which eventually make you gain extra pounds. That is another case wherein you can have more chances to become sickly and ill.

3. Metabolism Issues

You can also experience metabolism issues if your alkaline and acid intake is imbalanced. Acid can make your metabolism a problem. What this means is that the high acidity in your body causes slow functioning of your nervous system and brain. That can trigger various serious health conditions which you will not surely like.

4. Premature Aging

More intake of acidity can also give you wrinkles leading you to look older than your real age is. Even if there are anti aging creams and lotions, it won’t be long until your wrinkles are really becoming more visible.

Solutions to Maintain pH Level

There are surely lots of negative impacts of imbalanced pH level. However, it’s a good thing that it is easier to battle them by balancing your pH level. How can you avoid getting serious health condition problems?

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By eating healthy foods, especially those with more alkaline, can help you avoid having health issues. On your daily diet, try to eat more alkaline which is found in many vegetables and fruits as well as in other food categories like dairy products and meat. Starting today, be sure that you prepare yourself some foods that are rich in alkaline. Make sure to check out this website and learn lots of tips and suggestion from health experts.