Dining Out – Still Eat Healthily


There is a different thrill and excitement when you go out to a local restaurant to dine with your family or friends. When you do, or even if you are just ordering food from home, it is still a must to choose healthy foods.

It is never a One Time Thing

You can always say that “it’s just today” when ordering a fatty and oily back ribs. The problem is you actually go to a restaurant like one to three times a week, or probably more than that. You need to learn and encourage yourself to balance your diet even when ordering food from a cheap diner or an expensive restaurant.

Foods in Restaurants are Commercial

Remember that restaurants, diners, and other food chains are establishments that are trying to make profit. They usually offer not only delicious and the best foods, but also the favorite of most people. Red meat dishes, pasta and burgers are just a few of those common ones. There is nothing wrong consuming them, but have to be moderate. A lot of instant foods that are ordered or bought in commercial stores have high amount of calories. So, be careful on what you are trying to eat from dining out.

Dressings and Sauces Must not be Overlooked

Another thing to importantly bear in mind is the condiments, which refer to sauces and dressings. You may be wishing to have some chicken barbecue. The sauce for that in commercial restaurants is usually made of oil, butter, and cream, which are all fatty and basically unhealthy. Likewise, salad can, but the dressing may be filled with more calories. The bottom line here is to just use a small amount of condiments as much as possible, like a teaspoon or two only. However, you can always alternate the usual dressing or sauce with fish sauce or vegetable mixed salsa, as they are much healthier.

Proportional and Balanced

It may be only your opportunity to chow down on some food with carbs when going to a restaurant, especially when you are out of town or on a vacation. Well, it does not mean you have to fill in the plate with all carb-filled dishes. You still have to observe the right or suggested carb intake, which is only like the size of your fist.

Healthy Choices

One basic reminder when ordering food from a restaurant is to opt for healthier ones. You can have red meat, but make sure there are also some vegetables on the side. Have fresh fruits also for dessert, and instead of wine or champagne, order a glass of juice or tea. Of course, still drink as many glasses of water while in a fancy or exclusive restaurant.

Wherever you are, always practice healthy eating. When you dine out with your family for some special celebration, or have a quick order because you are lazy to cook, choose foods that contain a high amount of nutrition. You must still eat healthily at any time, anywhere at all cost.

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