Make Your Own Detox Cleansing


Detoxifying is a popular word known to a lot of people nowadays. This refers to the cleansing of the body from harmful chemicals. When you hear about detox, you may think it’s very pricey.

Have you ever watched some talk shows where famous celebrities give their testimonies about how they lose weight so fast because of detox cleansing? Did you read some articles from a magazine or a newspaper about athletes who are undergoing such detox treatment?

Of course, those are commercially and overly stated, which may think most people that it is expensive to detoxify. That’s not true at all, because there are many easy ways on how to detoxify your body without spending a lot of money.

Basically, your body is detoxifying when you eat, clean the laundry, run some miles on the weekend, and even while strolling with your kids on the beach. The body releases toxins by means of sweating and urinating.

To help you flush down a lot more toxins, here are different things you can easily do. But first, we’ll discuss them in specific health condition that is minor and common to make it more sensible.

For Muscle Pain and Tension

When caffeine is released in the body, it adds the high amount of toxins that pass through muscles, giving tightened temples, shoulders and neck. To avoid this, you need to drink plenty of water, soak onto a hot water tub, and do some light exercises, such as yoga, crunches and rope jumping. Drinking a cup of mint tea or chamomile is also a good choice. It has soothing effect, which makes to settle any tension and pain around your muscles.

For Backaches

On different situations, there are times you get back pain. Sleeping in improper position is one cause of that. Other common factors are carrying heavy things, working too much, or more specifically, sitting on a chair for a long time. For the detoxification to avoid any of these problems, stretch your muscles sometimes, and the best remedy is to drink fresh fruit juices.

For Nausea

If you feel stomach disturbance, this is because of the overburdened liver that is resulted by toxic waste. It is definitely related on the kind of food that you eat, or even beverage you drink. To cleanse the toxins out, make a lemon or carrot juice mixed with warm water. You can also drink a glass of mint tea or coffee enemas.

For Cold and Flu

Muscle aches, general fatigue, runny nose, scratchy throat and slight fever are common symptoms of cold and flu. Before you really get that condition, it is better that you prevent it. Battle it by some detoxification, which is simply to drink plenty of water, or fruit juices.

Bad Breath and Smelly Body Odor

Some people do experience this kind of issue. It is embarrassing, right, but don’t be. You can improve your hygiene, such avoiding bad breath and body odor, by gargling with water with salt. You can also clean your mouth with a mix of lemon or orange juice and water. The combination of baking soda and water is also a good remedy against this.

Knowing all these things is a good sign to become more aware of flushing down toxins in your body, before they can trigger health conditions. From what you have learned above, it is now your choice to follow and do what is suggested or just leave it like they would go out naturally. Well, detoxification involves consumption of natural food ingredients. So, make it a more a habit to eat and drink healthy or organic foods.

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