Simple Things to Know about Alkaline and Acid Diet


As much as you want to stay healthy, there’s going to be temptations along the way.  Those rich chocolate in the cake is enough to indulge you. The cool and refreshing look of that shake can make you drool. There are many cases wherein you feel that and, unfortunately, you give in most of the time. While craving is something you can just easily debate with yourself, it is important to be strict to the kind of nutrition you need. Let me introduce you about a simple diet called alkaline and acid diet.

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Balance Your Body through Alkaline and Acid Forming Foods

Understanding what kinds of foods you need to take is a matter of choice but your health depends on it. As a matter of fact, there are only things you need to know – which foods are alkaline and which ones are acid. Everybody should have the interest in knowing these things because they are related on how to balance the body’s pH level. Balancing the pH level in your body is the ultimate goal of this diet. It is actually easy to balance the pH level by eating alkaline foods and lessening the amount of acidic foods.

As said, two categories of foods to know, which are acid forming foods and alkaline forming foods. Generally, our body needs the right amount of acid and alkaline. The health problems that most people usually get are caused by the imbalance of alkalinity and acidity of the body. If your pH level is too acidic, that greatly risks your overall health. It becomes vulnerable to various illnesses and diseases. That’s why alkalinity in the body should be mostly consumed because that can help prevent you from getting ill.

Calculating the Balanced Body’s pH Level

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The word pH stands for power of Hydrogen, which is basically derived from the chemistry formula that calculates the right amount of hydrogen ions present in the human body. A pH of 7 is actually neutral, which means foods that have a pH level with 7 are alkaline and lower than that are considered acid. That means foods that can provide you enough alkalinity are those with pH level of 7 or more. It is the same formula that presents your balanced pH level too.

Adding the Right Foods to Your Kitchen Pantry

Usually, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, dairy products and meat are acid foods. There are also fruits like prunes, cranberries and plums, and vegetables such as asparagus, spinach and mushrooms are considered acidic. It just means that you have to lessen your intake of fruits, vegetables and other food groups that have strong or high acid level.

Do not forget that most vegetables and fruits are rich in alkaline. Those foods that are usually raw are rich in alkaline. Those are the kinds of foods that you have to normally take. They can help regulate the pH level you need. Aside from foods, there are also beverages that are high in alkaline. In fact, special water called alkaline water contains enough amount of alkaline.

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Keeping a Chart and a Recipe List

For starters, it’s best to have a list of alkaline and acid foods. Many free charts of acid and alkaline foods are available to get. This kind of list provides specific details of the necessary foods to take on a daily basis and less frequently. It can also serve you as a reminder of the diet you must maintain to have a regular body pH level.

A chart is not enough so I suggest you to get a list of recipes. Recipes that contain ingredients which are high in alkaline can be very helpful. From breakfast to dish and snacks to dinner, this can give daily healthy foods. For More tips and useful details about acid and alkaline diet, Just Check Out this website right now.