Strictly All Green Meals


It is not only during St. Patrick’s Day that you have to eat foods in green color. When you say green food, you are basically referring to a healthy meal. This is something you really have to consume every single day as much as possible, and not just during special celebration.

An all-green meal is clearly healthy and delicious. It is a child-friendly meal, which means kids can love taking some spoonfuls. The color green of a certain food should somehow entice children and young people.

Preparing a dish in green color is very easy. Just think of vegetables, including fruits, which are naturally green. There are the leafy vegetables, like cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and kale. Other famous and common green vegetables are broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, beans, peas, and Brussels sprouts. For fruits, you can have green apple, avocado and green grapes. You can also depend on some ingredients like green bell peppers, green jalapeno, and celery.

With these and other food ingredients, it won’t be difficult to make all-green meals every single day. You just need to be creative and resourceful, so everytime you serve dish to your family, it’s all green meal day!

String Beans or Green Beans

Beans, whether green or string beans, are one great choice of meal that you can easily prepare for any kind of occasion. Steam them for several minutes until they become soft, and place on a pan under low heat with cheese that melts on it. Instead of steaming, you can fry them with low fat butter and add some nuts like pistachio or almonds.

Spinach and Basil Salad

Salad is a very common green food, but to make it all green, have spinach with some basil leaves. You can choose any dressing for this, but ensure the ingredients are healthy. This means they contain low or zero fat and less calories. If you want to add a little bit meat, have some chicken strips or chicken nuggets. It will also taste better if you sprinkle some salty cheese.

Kale and Avocado Salad

Another salad combination would be kale and avocado. Since kale is usually a little bitter to the taste, the addition of avocado makes it more delicious. If not kale, you can use other green, leafy vegetable like spinach or lettuce with some slices of freshly picked avocado.

Lettuce and Cucumber Salad

The blend of lettuce and cucumber is not a new green food nowadays. Yet, some people are reluctant to make a dish like this. With an all-green diet, this must be certainly included on the list!

Buttered Asparagus

Several sticks of asparagus that are steamed in low fat butter are another meal you can serve to your family. You can add some corn and tomatoes on the side of the plate. This is surely one traditional food that every family would love to taste.

These easy to make five green dishes are absolutely excellent treat to you and your family. They are also wonderful and delicious meals to serve to your guests for some special occasions. With or without a particular celebration, all green foods like what are presented above must be regularly prepared and served on the table.

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