When to Drink Alkaline Pi Water


Drinking lots of glasses of water every day is very important. This is usually recommended by doctors around the world, and it’s a common or basic thing to do. This can help avoid your body to dehydrate, especially with the everyday tasks you do for hours. In fact, you get to lose two to three liters of water from your body when you exert energy.

In other words, we cannot survive without water in our body. That is why, once you sweat or after urinating, it is necessary to drink a glass of water immediately. But as what this topic is all about, not all water is the same, so we will concentrate about alkaline pi water.

Every moment you have is always the best time to drink alkaline pi water. Due to some hectic schedules at work, family responsibilities, and other things, you may forget to drink water of at least 8 glasses a day. It is possible that you only remember to drink a glass during each meal session. So, to remind you, here are some common situations for drinking alkaline pi water.

At Every Meal

Most doctors would say that it is more ideal to drink water a minute after your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must not be skipped, first of all. Although you can sip a cup of coffee or milk in the morning, make sure that you still have a glass of alkaline water afterwards.

While you have 8 hours to finish a daily job at work, there is still enough time to take break for lunch. Instead of ordering a can of soda or a bottle of energy drink, drink water. As a matter of fact, that must be the most important time to have alkaline water.

Also, do not forget to drink two to three glasses of water during your dinner. Another one is before you sleep. While sleeping, you also lose body water, so before going to bed and after waking up, make sure to drink water.

After Exercise

Part of the daily health regime is to exercise, and this is definitely essential. But take note, you get to feel tired more doing some aerobics or marathon at the park. Making some daily exercises can make you sweat, burn calories, reduce some weight, and also lose a few percentage of body water, which is called the process of dehydrating. Those sweats indicate that your body are flushing some toxins out through your skin. Yet, you need to drink again a glass of water or two to replace those lost water from your body.

The bottom line is that you encourage yourself to drink more glasses of water. Set aside the energy drinks, once in awhile to assure you consume natural compounds.

Whatever you do, when you are thirsty, always access alkaline water and drink. Other best times to drink are when you do some laundry, after washing the dishes, and while taking care of your small children. In fact, even when you are just reading a book or television, you would get thirsty, so have some water to drink.

Every single one of us needs clean and purified water to clear all toxic waste that our body absorbs from foods and even from polluted air during exhalation. Actually, we need to detoxify our body as often times as possible to prevent health problems. Most of the toxic wastes consumed or absorbed affect the liver and kidneys. If they are gathered and stuck, that’s when you encounter some kidney problems. The great way to dispose all of those toxins is to drink water, but be sure it’s alkaline.

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