Alkaline and Health – Keep Away Bad Habits


Vegetables and fruits are natural foods that every person needs to eat on a daily basis to have good energy and keep away sicknesses. Most of us wonder how we get sick and ill, but one major factor is the food we eat and beverage we drink. There are really some dishes and drinks that are not totally beneficial to our health. Some provide fat, while others have high cholesterol.

Habits certainly have big influence to the health. If you don’t change your bad habits and lifestyle to a more positive one, the health is the number one that’s affected. It’s ironic and funny because everyone does want to have a healthy body. So, how can you get rid of those bad habits that you usually do?

Eating healthy foods, most especially those that have high in alkaline level, is one way to protect your health from being jeopardized. This should be a healthy lifestyle that you need to start adding to your priority list. Let’s learn more about alkaline and how this is very much important in having a healthy life.

Foods can either make your body unhealthy or healthy. Therefore, healthy foods can keep you away from sickness and diseases. Technically, what you have to do is to regulate or improve your pH level. It is essential to have high alkaline in the body to balance your pH. You’ll learn more in a few about how to have a balanced pH level.

What happens when you have low pH level? Low pH level is an abnormal state. This means your body has more acid than alkaline. This enables to damage your healthy cells, organs and systems. This process starts when you consume fatty and meaty foods or drink liquor and alcoholic beverage. Imagine if you do that most of the time. The more you eat or drink acidic foods, the higher the chance to have an unhealthy body.

How are you able to increase the alkaline level of your body? Changing your bad eating habits into taking in more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is the simple solution. Healthy foods, especially those with high alkaline level, such as broccoli, tomatoes, green and leafy vegetables, almonds, and flaxseeds, can help fight acidity in your body.

Each and every person has different nutritional requirements. But what most doctors recommend is to have at least 70% to 80% of alkaline, while the remaining 20% or 30% is acidity. What is really important is to balance the intake of acid foods and alkaline foods. It is a simple formula, as a matter of fact. Try drawing a circle on a paper and make a division of 3/4 and 1/4. This means the 3/4 part is the amount of alkaline food to have and the remaining is acid food. Sound simple, doesn’t it?

To make your pH level balanced, start having an alkaline food chart first. Get familiar with all the foods essential to your body and healthy. This can help you distinguish what to eat and not to eat. You also need to know what food ingredients to prepare and put into cooking utensil. It is the right and simple way to generate a fit and healthy body.

Habits can easily do changes in the body. You only have two options regarding this, but why not select the best choice? So, keep away from bad lifestyle and habits, and learn to live the right, healthy way. Starting today, you need to consume more alkaline food and drinks for a healthier result.

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