Alkaline Rich Fruits – A List of Fruits that Can Balance pH Level


Before we talk about alkaline rich fruits, let’s answer a few questions. Do you easily get tired and feel like you lose a lot of energy in several hours? Are you feeling lazy or exhausted most of the time? Well, maybe you have a poor pH level which means you have low alkaline in your body. With that said, you need enough alkaline fruits and vegetables too.

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Alkaline and Acid – What are They ?

The human body consists of alkaline and acid by the foods digested. These two are factors in balancing the pH level and keeping the body healthy. If the right ratio of consumed alkaline and acid is met, it supports the body system to work properly and stay fit. The normal body pH is 7 which has some health benefits including a high prevention of diseases and illnesses because it boosts the immune system. Howe would you make sure that your body has a normal or high pH level? The answer is having alkaline for around 70% at least and the remaining is acidity. So, eating healthy foods, such as alkaline rich fruits, is a nice start to have a great body and balanced pH level.

Importance of Having an Alkaline Food List

With a regular intake of alkaline rich fruits, you will help your body stay healthy and increase your life span. There are lots of alkaline fruits and vegetables that you can eat as a part of your daily diet. When you do, it is better to fully give up on unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle. Motivate yourself by having an alkaline vegetable and alkaline fruits list. Alkaline food chart can help you start a better and much healthier day. You can easily find some on the Internet or buy one at a local bookstore or health store.

Fruits Having High Alkaline

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All of the fruits that you can find on the alkaline rich fruits chart are all categorized according to their level as high, medium or low alkaline. That way you can determine which fruits must be consumed more and less. This is an easier way for you to determine which are alkaline fruits and which are acidic fruits. If you are wondering what alkaline rich fruits are ideal to eat, here are some samples.

A fruit that has low sugar is no doubt rich in alkaline. Some examples are avocados, apples, pineapples, limes, lemons, watermelons, figs, grapefruits, papayas, mangoes, peaches, coconuts, pears and other tropical fruits. The plus side about these fruits is that you can easily get them at a very affordable price. In fact, you can grab some at your own backyard if you have plants and trees that produce these kinds of fruits.

Apple is one big example of a fiber rich fruit. That also means it has high alkaline so there are several health benefits to get from eating one whole daily. The compounds of an apple, like fiber, help cleanse the body against toxins and boost the immune system. Now, you fully understand what the famous quote “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” because it provides enough protection against common and serious illnesses.

Lemons are also rich in fiber though they are sometimes described as citrus and acidic fruits. The truth is that they are alkaline rich fruits because of the numerous vitamins they provide upon digestion. They have vitamin C, vitamin B complex and fiber which are all beneficial to the body. What else can you ask for if you have some vitamins and minerals from this fruit?

Also included on the alkaline fruits list is grapes. They are excellent inhibitor of Alzheimer’s diseases and cancer. So, if you like to prevent certain illnesses like those, have some grapes on a regular basis.

Banana is not only a favorite fruit to eat during lunch or dinner but also a good source of vitamins C and B6. It is also rich in potassium which people need for better digestion. It is also considered among alkaline rich fruits because it lowers the risk of breast cancer and colorectal disease or bowel movement problems.

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Moreover, all alkaline rich fruits give plenty of amazing benefits. The list of health benefits continue from protecting you from the mildest discomfort like flu and cold to the more serious and critical ones such as cancer, heart disease and kidney problem. Overall they help you balance your pH level to fight potential growth and occurrence of certain diseases and infections. That’s why you are greatly encouraged to start having a chart and recipes of alkaline fruits and vegetables. Both are nutritious foods that must be consumed daily so you can guarantee a great shape and healthy body. Besides, it won’t be that very much difficult to change your diet and lifestyle by switching to healthy regime and practices. For more Information and useful suggestion about alkaline and acidic food, Please Check Out This Website.