Alkaline Breakfast Recipes – What to Add on Your Daily Diet


Are you looking for healthy alkaline breakfast recipes ? Do you need to collect recipes that have high alkaline? If yes is your answer to both questions, then continue reading this. It contains information that you need to have a healthier diet.

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One of the biggest reasons why some people are not healthy or very vulnerable to sickness is because of their bad lifestyle and poor habits. They tend to eat more junk foods and processed foods than vegetables. They prefer ordering instant foods at local food chain restaurants than cooking organic foods. The lack of exercise is one thing some people have. All of these are common realities why individuals are suffering from illnesses. That’s why having some collections of alkaline breakfast recipes is very significant which is needed to start the day!

pH Level and Alkaline Diet

If you are one of the people who have low pH level or try to balance it, alkaline diet is the best healthy regime to take. Before you start getting alkaline breakfast recipes, it is necessary to know what the relation of pH balance and alkaline diet is. An alkaline is needed in the body and so is acid. However, the body must have more alkaline than acid to have a better number of pH level. The neutral value of pH level is 7 but to have a high alkaline, it must increase to 8 or even until 14 which is the highest.

When it comes to alkaline breakfast recipes there are lots of sources to get. You can find amazing menus about alkaline foods online for free. You can buy cookbooks too at a very affordable cost. It does not matter where you get them or how much to spend as long as you get the right alkaline meals that you can prepare every morning. The only thing that you need to consider is your taste of foods so you can fully enjoy your breakfast. Once you have the decision to take the alkaline diet by cooking alkaline breakfast recipes, it is a start to have a healthy life.

A List of Alkaline Breakfast Samples

Breakfast is a very important meal to start the day because that’s how you get energy aside from taking rest of your sleeping hours during the night. People of all ages are recommended to never skip eating breakfast. To have additional energy for the morning and the rest of the day, alkaline breakfast recipes must be taken into consideration. With that said, start your alkaline diet with the right foods. Alkaline foods for breakfast will help balance pH level.

1. Oatmeal with Fruits

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Oatmeal is a very common breakfast food that is easy and quick to make. This has a great rating which makes it to the best alkaline breakfast recipes. You can consider this for your breakfast sometimes especially when you are in a hurry. Instead of skipping, just take a minute or two and have a great, healthy breakfast. You can mix the bowl of oatmeal with any fruits of your choice but make sure they are rich in alkaline too.

2. Fruit Shake

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Shake is also among the easiest but healthiest alkaline breakfast recipes you can try. There are many flavors to choose to have a glass of fruit shake. You can blend a single fruit mixed with low fat milk or combine two or more fruits. The fruits that have high alkalinity are bananas, avocados, pineapples, apples, lemons, strawberries, melons and watermelons. You can pair a glass of fruit shake with any bread or cookies.

3. Scrambled Tofu and Tomato

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Both tomatoes and tofu are rich in alkaline. A combination of both is quite a great meal to have in the morning. Therefore, include on your alkaline breakfast recipes a scrambled version of tomatoes and tofus. Just mix them with a few eggs and fry in the pan which takes only less than 5 minutes. It’s another simple, quick, easy, fantastic, delicious and healthy breakfast to make. It won’t let you skip breakfast which is a good idea after all.

These three recipes are just a glimpse of what you can try doing for breakfast. If you like to have the best alkaline breakfast recipes start investing your time getting some that meet your taste. You must have enough recipes that are not only good to prepare in the morning but also for lunch, dinner and snack. That way you can absorb alkaline everytime you consume something for your body. Consequently, you are able to balance and maintain your pH level which helps prevent possible sickness. So, the next thing you must do now is to get essential alkaline breakfast recipes and start living a healthier life. Just check out this site  to get more details and step by step guidelines about Alkaline Breakfast Recipes.