Alkaline Foods – What are the Foods to Take Daily?


Are you aware of the alkaline foods to eat that can neutralize or increase your pH level? Do you even know what acid and alkaline foods are or can you distinguish which foods are alkaline and which ones are acid? It can be really confusing to know which foods are alkaline and acid.

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The alkaline-acid diet, however, is an important daily regime to follow these modern days. It helps you fight obesity, cancer, infections and other serious diseases. It is very essential to have an excellent healthy without getting fat or gaining extra pounds. That way you can have a beautiful body from the inside and out. So, here is an alkaline foods list which you must always remember and include on your daily meals.

Understanding Alkaline and Acid

Before we discuss alkaline foods and acid foods, let’s define and discover what they are first. Alkaline and acid are needed in the body as they produce nutrients that can help provide great health. Once foods are digested, they turn into acid or alkaline residue. So, there are two things the body can absorb if foods and fluids are taken. They either increase or decrease the body’s pH level. The diet suggests a person to have more or high alkaline foods rather than acidic foods. The ratio of acid and alkaline intake, as experts suggest, must be at least 70% more alkaline. It is not good to have more acid than alkaline in the body as they can endanger the health. Too much acid can cause hyperacidity, heartburn and also ulcer which are not very comforting at all. That’s why the focus of this article is about alkaline foods and that is the same thing you have to keep in mind.

Benefits of Alkaline Foods

Foods that have high alkaline amount are very good for the body. They can provide lot of health benefits which are important to know. Eating alkaline foods and beverages can do three general things. These are to enhance the immune system, boost energy and increase life span. The immune system is a very important body system because it helps fight infections and diseases. If you have enough amount of alkaline, it is easier to avoid getting sick. There is a big chance for you to stay away from serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes, kidney problems and heart problems. Having high alkaline foods also helps provide sufficient energy. This is pretty much needed day by day especially if you are working for at least 8 hours a day. Plus, after work, you still need vigorous body so you can do other stuffs like playing sports, spending time with family or taking care of your kids.

List of Alkaline Foods

You are familiar with the healthy foods and you may be thinking those are the alkaline foods to take. Well, fruits and vegetables are definitely nutritional foods but not all of them are high in alkaline. There are absolutely acid and alkaline foods so you must determine which ones to take regularly.

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Let’s categorize the alkaline-producing foods in to four groups: fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, and spices. There will be others too including some beverages that you have to add on your diet list.

 1. Alkaline Producing Fruits

Fruits are universally known to have lots of vitamins and minerals, not to mention nutrients. Yet, not all are considered as alkaline foods. Those fruits that are rich in vitamin C are generally acidic. So, do not consume a lot of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarin and lime. But this does not mean you have to avoid eating them as you still need vitamin C in your body for the boosting of you immune system. You just have to make sure to have more intakes of bananas, apples, watermelons, grapefruit, papayas, kiwis, lemons, berries, pears, pineapples, cherries, melons and dates on your alkaline foods list.

2. Alkaline Forming Vegetables

Most of the vegetables are also regarded as alkaline foods. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help in providing optimum health which means they fight possible illnesses and ailments. The great ones to consume are green, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, and spinach. Other favorite vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, okra, beets, zucchini, asparagus and parsley are also alkaline producing foods.

3. Nuts, Seeds and Legumes

When it comes to nuts, there are more acidic than alkaline. Chestnuts and almonds are very high in alkaline. The common peanuts and walnuts have more acid residue. So, you try to limit your intake of nuts, seeds and legumes unless they have high in alkaline. These are actually additional ingredients to some dishes and even snacks. Just make sure that when you eat one, the nuts, seeds or legumes must be among the high alkaline forming foods.

4. Spices

Believe it or not, some spices are also categorized as alkaline foods. Those include cinnamon, bell pepper and chili pepper. Most herbs and spices that you see and use for making dishes are alkaline producing foods. Those can be condiments, additional ingredients to dishes or powder. Whichever they are, when you have to use spices, they must be producing alkaline residue.

5. Other Food Groups

There are other high alkaline foods which are not from these food groups. You can have dairy products like soy milk, soy cheese, goat cheese, goat milk and breast milk for babies. Eggs, butter, buttermilk and yogurt are also good alkaline foods as they have the lowest acid. There are also meat foods that have low acid which means they can be considered as alkaline producing foods. These are venison, chicken and cold water fish. The rest have high acid residue when they are digested in the body. For drinks, you must have more water every day. Plus, if you want other beverages than water, have herbal teas, green tea, ginger tea, lemon water, and alkaline producing fruit juices.

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There is absolutely nothing to lose when you have more alkaline foods on your plate daily. If you are at home, prepare some breakfast that can give you high energy levels. While at work or school, the foods in your lunch box must have high alkaline too. For dinner, whether you go home or drop by to a nearby restaurant, you need to ensure that your plate is full of alkaline producing foods more than acidic foods. Whether you are at home, in the office or anywhere, make sure to eat foods that produce high alkaline. However, do not ignore to have a small portion of acid residue too.

The pH level must be regulated but it does not mean there’s no acid in the body anymore. The next time you go out to the grocery store or the market, the cart has to be loaded with lots of fruits, vegetables, spices, some nuts, seeds, legumes, a few meats. If you want to live healthily and stay longer, then you won’t be questioning the health benefits of the alkaline-acid diet. It is not even something you have to think twice about because it’s a very clear statement of what alkaline and acid foods can do to your body. If you want to get more tips and suggestion then just Visit This Website.