Alkaline Diet – How It Can Give Health Benefits and a Better Body Weight


If you are searching for a great way to lose weight or how to maintain an optimum health, alkaline diet is the best solution. This is not a fad diet or any modern kind of diet that is endorsed by celebrities and other famous people. It is a great diet for anyone because of what it makes which is based on facts. When you follow this, it is only about having the right alkaline diet recipes. Without further much ado, here are information and tips which you have to know about this healthy diet.

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The Acid Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet is famously known as the acid alkaline diet. This diet cannot just be concentrated on the alkaline but also on acid. Both have to be known regarding what they are and what they can do in order to have a deeper and better understanding of how this diet works. In our every meal intake, you absorb two things from foods which are acid and alkaline. The foods you eat, when chewed down, turn into either acid or alkaline. Sometimes, a mixture of both but only one has to be dominant in terms of percentage. Both are needed in the body but there must be a balance intake.

The most recommended intake of alkaline in the body has to be 70 to 80%, while acid is for the remaining 20 to 30%. That’s the main principle of this alkaline diet which is not bad after all. You can easily prepare yourself a daily meal with 70% alkaline food and 30% acid food. It’s like eating more fruits and vegetables but with a small portion of meat. However, you need to understand that alkaline is consumed by vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, and so is acid. You just have to determine which foods have more or high alkaline, and acid so you know what to serve on your plate. That is the first thing you need to do in regards to alkaline diet plan anyway.

An Eye Opener for the Health

Following the alkaline diet is basically a strategic plan to maintain a good health and average weight. With all the modern foods and beverages nowadays, it is not easy to avoid temptations anymore. Everybody is into ice cream, sundaes and cakes which are fat generating foods. There are different ways to cook foods now too. You can have grilled meat, barbecues, vegetable salads but with high cholesterol fat. You can order instant foods from local diners and restaurants wherein more foods have massive amount of calories and fat. All these can trigger a person to gain more pounds and even if not there’s always a tendency to suffer from various illnesses and ailments.

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The reason why the push of acid alkaline diet is as strong as other healthy diets is because of this reality in the world these days. People have to go back to being healthy at all times through the foods they eat. Going to the gym and working out are common nowadays but it’s still much better to harmonize the habit of having healthy foods. If there is just one best diet to choose from, it will definitely be the alkaline diet. Instead of purchasing your favorite fries and burgers or get lots of processed foods from your local grocery store, have some new alkaline diet recipes and cook on  your own to remain healthy.

The Reason Why Alkaline Must be Dominant Over Acid in the Body

It is mentioned that the body has to absorb more alkaline than acid. That is very true but how would you know if you have more alkaline and less acid? Well, the ratio of alkaline and acid is measured by the pH level in which ranges from 0 to 14. The pH level 7 is neutral and beyond or above that number is either acid or alkaline. The number of pH level that is less than 7 is termed as acidic, while the value more than 7 refers to more alkaline. So, the alkaline diet is telling to have at least 7 or more pH level in the body. A high level of acid can cause the body cells and blood stream to be more prone to various diseases and infections. That’s when a person suffers from a cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, cancer, weak lungs, and other common viral infections like cold and flu. Nobody likes to suffer from any ailments even from the mildest condition. If this is the same thing you want to avoid, make sure to start adding the alkaline diet to your daily habit and have more alkaline in your body.

The Simple Things to Do with the Alkaline Diet

There is no difficulty or complication following this particular alkaline acid diet. You only have to discipline yourself to be able to successfully achieve the main goal. To make it easier for you to deal with the alkaline diet plan, here are tips to keep in mind and do.

1. Simply Avoid Junk Foods, Processed Foods and Refined Foods

Obviously, foods that you mostly buy at the grocery store are either termed as junk or processed foods. They have preservatives, food coloring and different kinds of artificial ingredients. The nutrition you need to have a healthy body is not 100% present. In the alkaline diet, there is a need to have all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the body. So, stay away from those kinds of foods if you are following this kind of diet.

2. Drink More Water, Herbal Teas and Fresh Fruit Juices

There are also beverages that have high alkaline and less acid. Water is one very important beverage to take every single day. It is a common trend to drink at least 8 glasses a day but if you can have more then it’s much better because it has the power to neutralize pH level. When you drink tea or juice, go for the organic ingredients but again make sure the fruits or teas have more alkaline content than acid. That can cause you to refer to alkaline diet recipes just to make sure you drink the right fruits and herbs.

3. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

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Lastly, have more vegetables and fruits on your plate for your everyday meal. Ensure that, if you follow this alkaline diet, choose the vegetables and fruits that have high alkaline. You also need to consume foods that have carbohydrates, protein and iron as they are needed to have a good health.

The alkaline diet has nothing to provide but optimum health and happy life. If you want to live longer happily and comfortably, which means no sickness and ailments, then this diet is what you must try following now. It is not yet too late to lose weight or maintain a good wellbeing but do not wait until you are already diagnosed with a serious health condition. Start gathering alkaline diet recipes and finding out the right foods to eat and beverages to drink because that’s what you only need to do first before you can really begin your journey toward living a healthy life. For pieces of advice, tips and other related information on Health Benefits and a Better Body Weight, Visit This Website.