Alkaline vs Acidic Foods – Know the Difference


The debate over alkaline vs. acidic foods is not an issue anymore. Some people are already aware what alkaline and acid foods are. For those who do not still have any idea, the debate is just the beginning.

The Common Reality in the World

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Today, there are many kinds of foods that you can buy, cook and eat. The real truth is that not all are right foods to consume. The common earthly goal of people is to stay healthy while living. The lack of nutrients in the body can get you to suffer from different common diseases and ailments. As health statistics do not improve much, people continue to be diagnosed with heart diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, cancer and others. Most of the common factor is because of the choice of foods consumed. It is easier to get infections and diseases if you do not eat healthy foods. That’s when the discussion of alkaline vs. acidic foods begins.

The Simple Definitions of Alkaline and Acid

The foods you consume are turned into alkaline or acid residues. These residues are going to provide health benefits or issues. The percentage of alkaline residues the body must have is at least 70%, while acid residues should be the remaining 30%. This clarifies the greater need of alkaline in the body. It helps prevent certain diseases, infections and other forms of illnesses. Acidity, on the other hand, feed the cells from damages which eventually make the body more prone to sicknesses. So, the battle of alkaline vs. acidic foods, alkaline wins over.

The Healthy Foods to Eat

There are lots of alkaline foods that will help you keep a healthy life. Whether you are free from serious health conditions or currently suffering from a chronic illness, a healthy diet called alkaline diet is a great idea. After knowing the difference of alkaline vs. acidic foods, you are motivated to have this kind of diet on a regular basis. You can actually get alkaline from many kinds of foods which include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and even beverages. Some of the meats that you see in local grocery stores are not good for you. However, you can have some meat as long as they do not exceed the needed percentage of alkaline in the body. That also explains the real truth about acid vs alkaline foods. There has to be a balance on the intake of alkaline and acid foods.

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If you have a chart of alkaline vs. acidic foods, it is easier to identify which foods are high in alkaline. Fruits like lemons, watermelons, mangos, papayas, grapes, apples and pineapple are samples of foods that are rich in alkaline. Vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, okra and carrots are good producers of alkaline. Even garlic, mushrooms, chestnuts and corn are alkaline producing foods.

The Way to Prevent Sickness

If you are feeling tired and sick, go back to the importance and benefits of acid vs alkaline foods. It is really important to balance the acid and alkaline intake in your body. The reason why you may be feeling sick is because of the lack of enough alkaline. You better refer to your list of alkaline vs. acidic foods and consume more alkaline. If you are able to balance the needed percentage of alkaline, it is easier to prevent the different illnesses. This is a helpful factor to stay healthy and have full energy.

The Balanced pH Level

When studying alkaline vs. acidic foods, it is also significant to be familiar with the pH level. The percentage of acid and alkaline is actually determined by the pH level of your body. If you have low alkaline, the pH level ranges from 0 to 6. If you have high alkaline, it should be between 8 and 14. If you have 7 pH level, it is neutral which means you are still safe but remember to improve your pH level by having more alkaline. What you need to do to balance your pH level is to follow the alkaline diet, also called pH level. It is much better to mix it with regular and proper exercise. That way you can have a good alkaline vs. acidic foods battle on your own.

Some of the fruits mentioned above that can help you balance your pH level are more discussed here. Apple is known to be rich in fiber which means it helps fight and protect your immune system. This helps prevent sicknesses because it has high alkaline. In fact, it has 8.0 pH level and that makes it a great fruit to take on a regular basis especially if you are sick. Watermelon has higher pH level because it has natural water. That helps detoxify the body and cleanse the colon. Lemon has 9.0 pH level too so make sure you take that daily too.

It is very essential to balance your pH level by taking more alkaline vs. acidic foods. Just always remember the health benefits of having alkaline to stay healthy. For more Info and Facts about alkaline and acidic food, Click Here.