Common Mistakes when Losing Pounds


Having a healthy body and beautiful shape is what some people get addicted to these days. It is not a new trend to lose or maintain weight now. However, not all people are accurate or strict when trying to shed some pounds. If you want to achieve your goal of weight loss successfully and much quicker, stay away from the common mistakes like the ones below.

Eating Less

Losing weight is not about cutting off your food intake. It is not also about skipping meal, especially during breakfast. Remember that breakfast is the very important meal all throughout the day, because you get to sleep for 8 hours without taking anything. You cannot just start the day without some nutrients in your body and energy to do whatever you need to finish at work, in school, or anywhere. You can lose pounds by eating the same amount of food, but must be at the right proportion. This means that you need to know your calorie intake from every meal, and the size of food according to classes or types.

Working Out on Cardio

A lot of people think that cardio exercise is enough to reduce weight. This is another myth that you must not believe in. It is just a simple form of exercise that maintains a healthy body, and not absolutely a fit or perfectly shaped body. Also, this kind of exercise is able to burn calories but only during the time of working out. It means that your metabolism is not increasing, which eventually makes you feel encouraged to eat more during the next hours. It is possible that you also gain more weight than actually lose.

Concentrating on the Weight Number

Sometimes, the number on the scale can be deceiving, too. You believe that when you lose weight, you get to see a lower number when your overall body weight is measured on a scale. You may think you are not losing pounds because whenever you check, your weight is the same, but you know you are doing hard enough with your workout. That can only mean you burn calories and fat, but gain muscles. Hence, weight is constant, so you are actually reducing but your body remains to be the same size, yet much healthier and fit.

Being Inconsistent

Losing weight is a big deal, and a huge goal. It requires persistence, diligence and patience. One must not give up on achieving his or her objective to shed some pounds. Once you start doing some workout, you have to be consistent with your schedule and never miss a day or time to exercise. Unless you get what you need, continue doing the right ways of how to reduce weight. It may not be easy and can be a long process, but just like in a race, it is not about the first person to reach the finish line, but the one to make it to the end.

When you have the urgency and need to lose weight, focus and consistency are the secret keys. While you concentrate to do so, make sure that you do not bump into some mistakes, just like what’s discussed on this page. For sure, you want to have the best shape and healthy body within 4 to 2 weeks. Thus, any mistake can lead to slowing down your goal in shedding pounds, or worse, make you feel impatient until you finally give up. If that happens, you obviously fail to stand for what you need to do in terms of weight loss.

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