Vitamin C Alkaline or Acidic – Which Citrus and Tropical Fruits Have High Alkaline


Are you familiar with the different Vitamin C alkaline or acidic fruits? Citrus fruits and tropical fruits are usually rich in Vitamin C but they can still be distinguished as alkaline or acidic. If you are into acid alkaline diet, you must know which ones are high in alkaline or low in acidity. Well, that’s what this article is all about so you just pay attention and learn the significant facts about acid and alkaline.

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The Alkaline Diet and pH Balance

Alkaline and acidity have a major role in maintaining the pH balanced level of the human body. It either raises or lowers depending on how much alkaline or acid is there. The alkaline balance diet is termed as is because a high or normal pH level is the result of high alkaline in the body. If you have low pH level then it clearly means you have too much acidity in your body. That calls for an immediate solution by consuming more alkalinity. How are you able to absorb more alkaline to increase the level of your pH? It is through foods that are high in alkaline and that will bring you to learning or distinguishing Vitamin C alkaline or acidic fruits.

Two Categories of Foods

Before we concentrate on fruits that are Vitamin C alkaline or acidic, let’s first unlock the two kinds of foods that people normally eat. They are the acid food group and alkaline food group. Each of these food groups can be vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products or other food items. That means anything can be classified as alkaline or acidic. You have to know the specific samples of foods that have high alkaline and acid in order to determine the right kinds of food to take regularly. That is what acid alkaline diet is suggesting you to do.

1. Acid Food Group

To help you figure out which Vitamin C alkaline or acidic foods to take, let’s discuss each kind of food group, starting with acid foods. Acid results upon digestion or absorption of foods that are high in acidity. This is converted and passes through the bloodstream which explains why excessive acid can damage the health or body of a person. It primarily affects the cells which are very important in making the body function. When it does, you are very vulnerable to different types of sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney problem and other serious health conditions. So, in choosing Vitamin C alkaline or acidic, go for alkaline forming ones that are rich in vitamin C.

2. Alkaline Food Group

In contrast, an alkaline forming food protects the body from damages and harm. There are lots of nutrients alkaline has to offer which include the very common Vitamin C. They help fight against illnesses, increase vitality, provide a much younger and better looking skin, boost positive energy, protect the immune system and, of course, maintain the body’s pH balance.

Examples of Alkaline Foods Rich in Vitamin C

There are numerous foods and beverages that we can enumerate if you want to know about alkaline foods. Since the main concentration is about Vitamin C alkaline or acidic, we will just focus on alkaline foods that have Vitamin C nutrient.

1. Lemon


In determining Vitamin C alkaline or acidic fruits, lemon is one of the alkaline producing foods. You have to regularly drink lemon juice or lemon water in order to increase your pH level. Instead of using other oil, squeeze some fresh lemon juice to your salad or other dish that may need its fluid. This is how you can get alkaline from lemons.

2. Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit known to provide better skin color. It has antioxidant that detoxifies the body which results to a much younger, fresher skin. Other than that, it is also high in alkaline so it can help increase the level of your pH.

3. Apple

Believe it or not, apple is rich in Vitamin C too. When you talk about Vitamin C alkaline or acidic fruits, apple is categorized as Vitamin C alkaline. There are other nutrients found in apples but Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system. This is a great way to fight and prevent sicknesses.

4. Peach

Peach is also high in alkaline which contains not only Vitamin C but also Vitamin A, iron and potassium. It is a fruit that helps balance someone’s pH level and at the same time protects the general health.

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If you want an alkaline balance diet, you must include these samples of fruits on your meals. You can have them as side dish to your lunch or dinner. They are also good snacks to have during your break time. To know more about Vitamin C alkaline or acidic fruits, have a chart of acid and alkaline foods.