Alkaline Recipes for Dinner – What to Prepare for the Whole Family


If you are looking for alkaline recipes for dinner, this article will help you what kind of foods to prepare, cook and eat. It will motivate you more to have a proper diet which is specified as the alkaline diet. You have probably heard it already so now you are trying to get some dishes that you can serve for your family for dinner.

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Introduction: Alkaline Diet for Dinner

One thing to learn about alkaline diet is the right diet plan that suits for you and your family. You need to get used to it in order to have a constant consumption of alkaline foods. There are dishes for beginners which may be your case, and others are advanced. The alkaline diet has to consume less meat and more vegetables and fruits. It is like being a vegetarian but not totally abandoning meat. Having the right alkaline recipes for dinner for your taste is somehow important.

A Mix of Food Groups

Alkaline recipes for dinner consist of different food ingredients. They can be pure vegetables or with some food group such as meat, nuts, seeds and mushrooms. Well, you can make any dish for dinner as long as the ingredients are rich in alkaline. Here are some samples of what you can prepare for your family dinner during weekdays and weekends.

1. Meatless Spaghetti

Kids love spaghetti and this is a favorite dinner of the whole family sometimes. Since you have the healthy goal to make, try using buckwheat pasta and make a tomato sauce. Instead of meatballs or chicken strips, use tofu to ensure more alkaline is absorbed.

2. Vegetable Casseroles

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Casserole is another common dinner food but to ensure high alkalinity, use vegetables that are alkaline producers. Just add more herbs and spices which include onions, garlic and peppers. To add a little amount of acidity, scramble some eggs and sprinkle with grinded meat.

3. Steamed or Stuffed Vegetables

One of the easiest alkaline recipes for dinner to make is steamed or stuffed vegetables. Mixed vegetables that are steamed are good choices of dinner. However, you must choose vegetables that are high in alkaline. The most recommended veggies to mix and steam are carrots, zucchinis, broccolis and celeries. The reason is because they have great amount of alkaline. You have the option to add some acidic food like beef or shrimp.

For stuffed vegetables, you can choose tomatoes or bell peppers stuffed with scrambled vegetables with tofu or a mixture of plain vegetables. One sample is to use eggplants, squash and okra together. Another one is a blend of potatoes or sweet potatoes and corn.

4. Steamed Asparagus and Broccoli

You can also steam two favorite vegetables: asparagus and broccoli. Having them boiled with onions for at least five minutes is a quick dinner to prepare. Just add some juices of lemon, orange or olive oil can assure a high alkalinity. If you want to add some acid, you may grill a small amount of salmon or fry any fish of your choice. Whatever your choice is, it’s still one of the easiest and definitely healthiest alkaline recipes for dinner to make.

5. Broccoli Soup

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You can also make a soup out of broccoli for your family. Include some tidbits of celery, carrots, peppers, garlic and onions. Of course, use alkaline producing milk which is either soy milk or goat milk. You can also add several corns and mushroom to have a variety. This is a great dinner to serve if the night is very cold. It can provide warmth while regulating your pH level.

6. Rice Pilaf with Brown Lentil

One of the new and certainly delicious alkaline recipes for dinner to try is rice pilaf with lentils. It is also a good menu that is very easy and quick to make. It is also cheap so there’s nothing to lose if you try preparing some for your family dinner. Just add shredded carrots, peas, chopped onions and garlic, brown lentil and rice.

All of these alkaline recipes for dinner are 100% healthy and delicious foods to serve for your family. Remember that you do not have to fully become meatless. You still need a small percentage of acidity so adding a few meat or fish on the side works. Just keep in mind that the ratio wherein alkaline is more than acid is strictly observed. The main purpose of having alkaline recipes for dinner or even for lunch is to assure you get enough alkaline. In the end, you and your family would have balanced pH level which is very essential to avoid health issues. You can live a normal, happy and healthy life by consuming the right alkaline foods particularly during dinner time. Make sure to visit this website to get more details on acid alkaline diet.