How Important Alkaline and Acid Food Are


Kids like sweet, crunchy and crispy foods. Teens are into desserts and everything tasteful. Adults prefer steaks, burgers and some vegetables.

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As you can see, a lot of people like junk and unhealthy foods. Only a few percentage of the world’s population really care about nutritional foods. No wonder why more people suffer from different illnesses and sicknesses. So, let’s talk about healthiness, and the importance of alkaline and acid.

All kinds of foods form alkaline and acid in the body. Once foods are absorbed, they become residues of either alkaline or acid. They are also the only factors that can affect the balance of the body’s pH level. Consuming alkaline and acidic foods is tricky because the effect is either healthiness or the opposite. The good effect lies on the alkaline and the bad one depends on the acidity. That means if you eat more foods that are alkaline, then there is a great chance to prevent different illnesses. If it is more about acid, it is a definite way to welcome various diseases and infections. That would imply that the power of Hydrogen (pH) level is not balanced and the body can easily generate mild, chronic, or serious diseases.

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Generally, eating foods is a natural lifestyle and nothing is wrong if you consume anything but the intake of alkaline and acid has to be balanced. There must be a discipline in every meal you take. So, the successful way to maintain the right pH level of our body is to follow the alkaline and acid diet. That is, simply consume more alkaline more than acid foods. The first step is to identify foods that are rich in alkaline which can help you balance or maintain your pH level and remains healthy.

Most physicians and health practitioners recommended the consumption of at least 75-80% of alkaline foods. These include green and leafy veggies, fruits, soy products, wheat and grains. If so, the intake of acid foods must be only 20-25% like acid-rich, fruits meat and junk foods. By following this kind of diet, it is easier for you to stay away from discomfort of body and issues regarding health.

As a starter, I’ll provide you a list of more specific things that can help you manage your pH level to the neutral range. Below are simple ways to maintain a good condition of your body.

1. Avoid going to fast food restaurants or ordering commercial ready-made foods.
2. Limit your intake of red meat and increase consuming lean proteins instead such as turkey and chicken.
3. Choose whole-wheat products or whole bread rather than white flour.
4. Have almond milk, soy milk and low fat milk, while you restrict some dairy products.
5. For green salad add zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, squashes and avocados with sesame seeds, sunflowers or pumpkin. Furthermore, use olive or corn oil.
6. Eliminate sodas, coffees, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverage. Instead, replace those drinks with green herbs, alkaline water or simply water.

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This is a simple article but an important guide that you need to consider to cope with an optimum health. Remember what to stay away from and what you have to consider more frequently. Nevertheless, it is much better that you keep an alkaline and acid food chart. This is a list of foods that categorize alkaline and acid, which makes it easier for you to know the right kinds of foods and beverages to consume. Just visit our website by Clicking Here and get step by step tips and useful guidelines about Acid and Alkaline Food.