What Common Foods to Cut from Your Daily Diet


When it comes to healthy diet, there are foods that you need to eat and avoid. The food to take in must able to maintain a well balanced diet. Unfortunately, some men and women are not able to balance what they have to consume.

One of the most common problems that we normally do not question is the intake of calories and unhealthy fats in the body. These are compounds that when they become superior compared to all needed nutrients, they are enough to make you feel weak and prone to sicknesses. So, you need to avoid foods that have high amount of calories or fat, or both.

The resolution is to cut foods that contain unhealthy substances, or those with high calorie amount. You may be surprised that some of the food ingredients with high calories and fat are your favorite. If that is the case, you have to start cutting down your intake of those foods. To get you started, here are some common food items or ingredients that you need to restrict from your daily diet.

1. Salad Dressing

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You may say that vegetables and fruits are very healthy foods. Yes, they are absolutely nutritious and maybe your favorite meal, too. There is one danger in your salad, though. That is the salad dressing, which usually consists of fat. Unless you use a dressing that is loaded with zero or low fat, you need to cut any fatty salad dressing. It is easy to replace it with fat free dressing so you can reduce the amount of calories.

2. Butter

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Like fat dressing, butter is another food ingredient that has high calorie amount. This is perfect for bread, pancakes, and other common dishes and snacks. Most of the pastries and breakfast contain butter, because essentially it is adaptable. This ingredient is salty and definitely provides flavor no matter what the recipe is. This is why it’s common to see some butter in the refrigerator for that reason. The bad news is that it adds great amount of fat to your food. Using a low-fat or zero fat butter is a good alternative, so you can still maintain a healthy diet all the time.

3. White Flour Products

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White flour is an ingredient that is able to product a variety of food from Italian spaghetti to Mexican burritos. This is mainly used for making pasta, bread, pastry, pizza, etc. You know very well that those are some, or perhaps, most of your favorite to eat. Instead of the usual white pasta, white rice, and white bread, choose the brown ones to your daily diet. They are a much better source of carbohydrates, well the good ones that the body must absorb.

4. Whole Milk

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Now, let’s go to some kind of beverage, the whole milk. This type of milk is very fatty, so you also need to cut it from you every day diet. When you do, you are able to get health benefit, because it reduces cholesterol levels. This does not mean that you have to stop drinking milk in general. Instead, replace your whole milk with less fat milk, since there are many products nowadays that contain zero fat. Sometimes, labeled as non-fat milk, but considering less fat milk is not a bad idea, as well.

5. Soda and Sports or Energy Drinks

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Many of us cannot avoid drinking sodas, energy drinks, and other beverages for sports athletes. Energy and sports drinks, most especially, are thought to give great energy and health benefits. But do you know that they are culprits to your diet? Because they contain empty calories, like zero, nothing, there is a high risk of absorbing more bad calories. Soda, on the other hand, is full of sugar and bad carbs. It is not a strict rule to drink one of these beverages sometimes. You just make sure to prevent drinking them as much as possible, and drink water more often instead.

All of these food products or ingredients can make some dishes more scrumptious and flavoring. Yet, they cannot be included on the daily or regular diet as they impost compounds that make you fat and unhealthy. It is important to cut them and replace them with their best alternatives, which are discussed at some point above.

If you want to continue living a good, happy, healthy and longer life, you have to start doing healthier habits. One of them is to cut the ingredients or foods that contain lots of fats and calories. When you do this one particular thing, you are not far from being healthy or staying fit. Anyway, there are still other foods that are more nutritional that you have to buy, cook, serve and eat more often. That should be the content of your daily diet list in order to remain fit and vigorous.

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